Win $50 PS Store Credit

This is a small competition to say than you for the awesome two years you guys have given PlayStationHaX


How To Win/Terms

  • Create a post in this forum thread saying ‘Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX’
  • Be a member of the forum(kinda obvious as you can’t comment without being a member)
  • The credit will be in whatever currency you use, so if you are from UK, you can get it in pounds, if you are from Europe you can get it in Euro’s

Good luck guys :)

Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX

Today the PlayStationHaX forum is  two years old and we have had a lot of fun in that time, loads of news posted, loads of drama and loads of laughs


I want to thank all of you for helping make PlayStationHaX what it has become, without you the members, the developers, the scene contributors, the people who donated and the staff members, i do not think i would have managed to keep around for this long.

So thank you again guys :wub:

Hombrew List For #Henkaku

If you are reading this, i am sure you already have Henkaku installed, you will need the tools and Homebrew below to get you started:



VitaTester v1.2

VitaScreenFlasher v1.1

FTPVita 1.0




realboy-vita v1.1

You can find more Homebrew here at the Vita Dev Wiki

You can also find some here at Wololo

Homebrew via PlayStationSceneFiles

Emulators via PlayStationSceneFiles

Downloads via VPK Mirror

[Released] SMSplusVITA – #Henkaku Edition – PS Vita

SMSplusVITA – #Henkaku Edition

View File

Another update from frangarcj, this time he updates his Sega Master System Emulator to be compatible with  Henkaku




What’s New

  • Henkaku
  • Lots of fixes
  • Savestates
  • Rewind
  • New font

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Developer
    Developer: frangarcj
  • Source


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